Can You Save Hosea And Lenny?

Can you save Hosea rdr2?

The gang would probably still be there (but without Arthur).

You actually can save Hosea by glitching the game but he is still dead in the story, he just appears in the camp.

This happens in the final mission of Red Dead Redemption 2, right before Arthur dies..

How do you save Lenny on the train?

You must save Lenny – the man hanging off the edge of the train – to get a Gold Medal in this mission. Go to him, then spam x/a to quickly lift him to safety. Continue up the train. Your goal is to make it to the first car to turn off the train.

Can you kill the bear with Hosea?

You find this legendary bear during one of the main missions – Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego. Here, Arthur and Hosea embark on a journey to hunt the legendary animal. They track the animal do that but they fail to kill the bear. However, you can decide to hunt the bear yourself.

What happens after Micah kills Arthur?

Both of these fights with Micah have different outcomes depending on your honor. If you go back for the money with low honor, Micah stabs Arthur to death. With high honor, Micah runs away after losing an eye, and Arthur dies in peace.

What happens if you split up with Hosea?

If you choose Split Up, you and Hosea are going to go your separate ways to look for clues. You will eventually come across a clue, (or bear marks, if you will). … A cutscene will play out, in which you’ll have to shoot the bear, which will then run away, and both of you will be safe.

Can Arthur beat Micah?

Arthur WINS fight with Micah at the End – RDR2 PC Happy Ending – YouTube.

Could Arthur have killed Micah?

No. It would’ve made the epilogue fairly pointless and unsatisfying. I also think that Arthur being killed by Micah is a fitting ending showing how brutal the life an outlaw is, along with the West in general, and symbolises Micah’s betrayal. If nothing else, at least it was a quick death.

Is Hosea dead?

DeceasedHosea/Living or Deceased

Should I split up or place bait?

You now have to make a choice – split up or use bait. If you chose the latter then you must place the bait in the place marked by the game – open the bag and select the bait from your inventory. Move away from the bait and then go back to it. If you chose to split up then you should go in Hosea’s opposite direction.

Who killed Hosea?

At a party at the mayor’s residence, Hosea discovers two lucrative leads; one is a bank robbery in Saint Denis, which he convinces Dutch to do. Hosea successfully distracts law enforcement but is captured and killed by Agent Milton in front of the bank.

Is Hosea sick?

Hosea Matthews may have been killed by Agent Milton, but it turns out he was also sick. Throughout the game, players can hear Dutch and other members of the gang discuss the fact that Hosea is suffering from what seems to be a certain type of lung disease.

How does Hosea die?

Milton holds Hosea hostage outside the bank, proclaiming to Dutch that he has given them enough chances. Milton then shoots Hosea in the chest, killing him, and says to Dutch that Hosea’s death is their deal.

Why does Micah kill Arthur?

Micah killed Arthur because in the eyes of Dutch and the rest of the gang members who sided with him, he was seen as a traitor. … He also knew how better Arthur was to him regarding physique and skill but due to Arthur’s sickness, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Should I sell or stable the horse rdr2?

You’ll have to calm the horse you’re riding with L3, but eventually you’ll make it to the stables in Valentine. You’ll only be able to sell the draft horse for about $5. You can choose to sell or stable him. We suggest to keep it – it’s a pretty good horse.

How many shots does it take to kill a legendary bear?

five shotsIt took me five shots in total to kill the bear, and four of them were hits on critical areas. Four of the shots where with the Springfield Rifle and Express bullets, with three headshots and a body shot. All of these were taken in Dead Eye. The final shot was taken with the Litchfield Repeater and Regular bullets.