Did They Nerf Disruptor Rounds?

Did they remove the devotion from Apex?

Apex Legends Devotion Season 4 Players can now no longer find the Devotion on the ground or in loot chests.

Respawn Entertainment stated that the reason for this change was because of a fully kitted out Devotion being one of the strongest weapons in the game..

What happened to the R 99?

Shields have been changed dramatically and one of the most powerful and popular weapons, the R99 submachine gun, has been removed from the loot pool and been moved to being a special care-package weapon only.

Is turbocharger still in Apex?

No longer accepts the Turbocharger hop-up [turbocharger has been removed from the game] but can still equip Select Fire. Fixed an exploit that players discovered and reported where you could rapidly fire the Mastiff.

How much damage does disruptor rounds do?

The disruptor rounds are especially dangerous to Wraith, Lifeline, and Pathfinder, who suffer from the “Low Profile” debuff, which increases the damage they take by five percent. An Alternator can mow these legends down before they even realize what hit them.

Did the havoc get nerfed?

Apex Legends Havoc nerf snuck into the latest update, Patch 1.2, but developer Respawn Entertainment has stated the change was unintentional. … Apex Legends Havoc nerf snuck into the latest update, Patch 1.2, but developer Respawn Entertainment has stated the change was unintentional.

What is the best weapon in Apex?

Volt — Energy Submachine Gun. The Season 6 submachine gun has stormed into the Apex Legends meta at breakneck speed and isn’t slowing down. … Mastiff — Shotgun. … Wingman — Heavy Pistol. … Eva-8 Auto — Shotgun. … VK-47 Flatline — Heavy Assault Rifle. … Havoc — Energy Rifle. … G7 Scout — Light Assault Rifle. … Alternator — Light SMG.More items…•

Is the p2020 good apex?

There’s not much that can be said about the P2020. It’s a standard early-game sidearm, capable of a fairly high rate of fire if your trigger finger is good enough. Nonetheless, it’s more than capable of winning a battle in the first minutes of an Apex Legends match. …

Did the Spitfire get buffed?

While some weapons received significant buffs, others were tweaked slightly. The Spitfire was one of the guns that received subtle adjustments. The new season updated the LMG with improved recoil controllability, as mentioned in the Season 6 patch notes.

Did the alternator get nerfed?

Other than that, the RE-45 and Alternator were both buffed, while the Longbow DMR, Winman, and Havoc were all nerfed. A Havoc nerf had been high on the players’ wish list for a while now, so most will be happy to see that Respawn opted to listen to their feedback.

Why was Skullpiercer removed?

The Skullpiercer attachment, which increases the Longbow and Wingman’s headshot multiplier, is reportedly being removed in season three. In order to make up for the missing attachment, Respawn will adjust the Longbow’s headshot damage to be in the same ballpark as it was when equipped with the Skullpiercer.

Are disruptor rounds gone?

Both the Disruptor Rounds and Skullpiercer hopups have been removed from the game, according to the gameplay footage. … The two guns are missing their hopup slots in the game’s HUD, suggesting the two attachments no longer exist in the battle royale.

What happened to the turbocharger in Apex legends?

However, as seen in the patch notes, Season 4 removes the Turbocharger attachment from Apex Legends–much how Season 3: Meltdown removed Skullpiercer and Disruptor Ammo (and no, sadly, Season 4 does not bring either of those two back). … It needs a Turbocharger to be competent in the late-game.

Is alternator better than r99?

The R-99, which boasts a high fire rate, was about 73 percent faster than the Alternator in bullets per second. … After the shield is broken, however, the Alternator returns to doing non-multiplied damage. After running all of the numbers, The Gaming Merchant concluded that the R-99 is still the better weapon.

Did the wingman buff?

While the patch didn’t change much about the game it did nerf two of the most popular weapons, the Wingman and the Peacekeeper. … But, this patch’s changes weren’t all nerfs, as Respawn also elected to include more energy weapon spawns and ammo throughout Kings Canyon.

What did disruptor rounds do?

Season 3, Disruptor Rounds increased damage to shielded targets. The damage multiplier differed with each weapon: the Alternator had a multiplier of 1.55x and the RE-45 Auto had a multiplier of 1.7x.