How Do I Increase My PUBG Levels?

Who is the richest PUBG player?

Mohammed Owais LakhaniMohammed Owais Lakhani, popularly known as Owais is a team India PUBG player who currently plays for the team Fnatic Mobile.

His income from tournaments alone is reported to be Rs.

1.2 crores not to mention Rs..

What does the bird do in PUBG mobile?

PUBG bird companion PUBG companion is nothing but a bird, which is hatched from a nest when we click over it. The players can control the bird and have an aerial view to do enemy reckon in this PUBG Mobile update.

Which map is largest in PUBG?

new moon mapThe new moon map is spread over 3,476 square kilometres which PUBG’s biggest map till date. The developers have also added a new first ever feature for the game called ‘Zero G’ in which players won’t be getting any fall damage on the Moon. The jump hight and duration will be increased by 10 times on the Moon.

How do you level up fast in PUBG?

How to level up fast in PUBG Mobile4 PUBG Mobile tips from Indian esports pros. … 4 PUBG Mobile tips from Indian esports pros. … Stick to the classic game mode. … Do your challenges. … Keep track of progress missions. … Focus on surviving. … Find teammates with the same mentality. … Healing provides XP bonuses.

How do you increase your companion level in PUBG?

To make the most of your Companion, here are some guidelines:Gain Companion EXP by bringing them into battle or feeding them ‘Companion Food’Upgrade your Companion to unlock more actions.Random Companions actions occur based on your status, such as going prone, firing and parachuting.More items…•

How do I increase my victor level fast?

You can level up the characteristics of Victor by either using the EXP Card or by playing with him and earning coupons to the Victor Supply Crate.

Who has most kills in PUBG?

RRQ G91) RRQ G9: The 2018 world champions’ team leader, G9, tops the kill leaderboard with 55 kills, and is one of two players to have crossed the 10k damage mark. He is also leading in grenade kills, with 10 such points. 2) BTR LUXXY: Luxxy, the best sniper in the world, is not far behind.

What is exp 2 card in PUBG?

#3 Using the 2x EXP card PUBG Mobile Lite consists of 2x EXP cards that last an hour. The amount of XP that players gain while it is active is doubled, helping them level up faster. This is the best way for gamers to get a higher amount of EXP per game, obtained from missions, events, and the in-game shop.

Who is noob in PUBG?

The best indication that someone is a noob in PUBG Mobile is if he goes prone after one fine headshot. Most of the new players in PUBG Mobile just bend down their knees and prone. It doesn’t matter if the surface they are lying is a container in Georgepol or an open road.

Can I get free Falcon in PUBG?

To get a falcon companion for free, players will have to collect 50 companion shards. The section’s first tab, ‘Summon Companions: Team Up’ will give away companion shards when players finish missions such as completing three or five matches, logging in, etc.

Is Sanhok good for rank push?

Sanhok: Never meant for rank push. Hardly anyone will happy to push ranks in sanhok as people loss much points in this map and hardly gain points even after good game. … Erangel: It is still the best map for everything.

What is the highest kill record in PUBG?


Which map is best for rank push in PUBG?

MiramarIf you want to rank push, the most recommended map is Miramar. It has excellent dynamics and intense last zone fights, and you can improve a lot while rank pushing here. There are various ridges and compounds where you can take cover and spot enemy players.

How do I get my free companion on PUBG?

Steps:Go to Event Section in PUBG Mobile.Then go to Time-Limited Section and look for the Falconry manual.Open that manual from 11th to 18th of Nov to collect Free 2 Companion Shards and Companion Frame Avatar.To get these Rewards you need to fulfill the following requirements:More items…

Is Livik good for rank push?

Yes, but right now livik map is in beta version so it has legging issue if you are having average phone, and also contrast will take time to adopt your eyes. Apart from all that if you do hotdrop and get much kills it will definitely help you in pushing rank.

How do I increase my victor level in PUBG?

One can level up the characteristics of Victor by either using the EXP Card or by playing with him and earning coupons to the Victor Supply Crate. This Crate will be having Victor’s outfits, masks, voice commands, emotes, Character Shards and their premium versions to draw from.

Who is Victor in PUBG?

The game has introduced a new character system. PUBG Mobile recently received a new character system along with the introduction of Victor. The character is free for everyone and grants players a unique perk. Victor is a “submachine gun geek” due to his reduced reloading time on all of the SMG weapons that he uses.