How Much Do The Nationals Get Paid?

What is Juan Soto’s net worth?

As of 2020, his net worth is over $1 million..

How much does Juan Soto get paid?

Player SalariesrankNameSalary22Juan Soto$578,30023Matt Grace$576,40024Koda Glover$564,30025Wander Suero$562,50024 more rows

Who is Anthony Rendon’s wife?

Amanda RodriguezAmanda Rodriguez, the future Mrs. Rendon; she is the soon-to-be wife of MLB player Anthony Rendon, the third baseman for the Washington Nationals.

How much is Anthony Rendon worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Anthony Rendon has a net worth that currently stands at an estimated $22 million.

How many hits does Ryan Zimmerman have?

2005YearABH2019 Stats17144MLB Career Stats63991784

What is Ryan Zimmerman salary?

14 million USD (2016)Ryan Zimmerman/Salary

How long is Ryan Zimmerman contract?

a $2 millionWASHINGTON (AP) — Ryan Zimmerman and the World Series champion Washington Nationals finalized a $2 million, one-year contract on Wednesday.

Who does Ryan Zimmerman play for?

Washington Nationals#11 / Third baseman, First basemanRyan Zimmerman/Current teams

Is Juan Soto a free agent?

Soto is able to log four years of arbitration eligibility before becoming a free agent in 2025, along with Victor Robles, who is likely to narrowly miss the Super 2 cutoff. … Soto’s first full season in 2019 led to a . 949 OPS, a star turn in the postseason and ninth-place finish in National League MVP voting.

How tall is Juan Soto?

1.85 mJuan Soto/Height

Is Ryan Zimmerman a Hall of Famer?

5 – Ryan Zimmerman (2%) The final named player in our ranking of the most likely players to go into the Hall of Fame as a Washington Nationals player is Ryan Zimmerman. The face of the franchise may not quite have the resume as others on this list, but he does have all of the intangibles required.

Is Ryan Zimmerman retiring?

As things get ready to ramp up for the 2020 MLB season, Ryan Zimmerman has opted not to play. But he was also clear he is not retiring right now and has not decided what he’ll do in 2021. …

What college did Ryan Zimmerman go to?

University of VirginiaKellam High SchoolRyan Zimmerman/EducationHe has played in Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Washington Nationals. Zimmerman graduated from Kellam High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia and played college baseball at the University of Virginia. He is nicknamed Mr.

What is Juan Soto nickname?

Childish BambinoJuan Soto became the first teen to homer in the Bronx since Ken Griffey Jr., and then he hit another one for good measure. Two homers in one game, and an instant-classic nickname was born… Childish Bambino!

Why did Anthony Rendon leave the Nationals?

The Nationals aren’t a small market team and, as much as some fans might argue, they aren’t cheap. But they have acquired so much talent over the past 10 years that they simply can’t keep them all. So, in a way, it can be seen as a good thing. Harper and Rendon left in part because the Nats have a surplus of talent.

How many walk off home runs does Ryan Zimmerman have?

11Ryan Zimmerman’s 11 career walk-off home runs, ranked.

Is Ryan Zimmerman married?

Heather Downenm. 2013Ryan Zimmerman/Spouse

What is Anthony Rendon’s salary?

25.5 million USD (2020)Anthony Rendon/Salary

How long is Juan Soto’s contract?

1 yr2019-2019Contract:1 yr(s) / $578,300Signing Bonus-Average Salary$578,300Free Agent:2025 / UFA

How long is Anthony Rendon’s contract?

Third baseman Anthony Rendon has agreed to a seven-year, $245 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels, sources told ESPN’s Jeff Passan on Wednesday.