Question: Can I Replace A 4500 Watt Water Heater With A 3800 Watt?

What size breaker do I need for a 5000 watt heater?

Table of wire and circuit breaker sizes for selected residential water heaters (W)No.Water heater element power (W)Circuit breaker (A)53,0002064,0002574,5003085,000354 more rows•Jul 15, 2020.

Can I replace a 3500 Watt water heater with a 4500 Watt?

When selecting element, buy same wattage or less wattage… keep volts the same. It is ok to install higher watt up to 5500 on 4500 watt heater if breaker is 30 amp and wire is 10 gauge. It is ok to install lower watt: replace 4500 with 3500 as long as voltage is same.

Can I replace my 4500 watt water heater with a 5500 Watt?

You can definitely replace 4500 watt with 5500 watt and get 4-7 gallons more hot water from a tank.

How many amps does a 4500 watt water heater draw?

18.75 ampsA typical 50 gallon electric water heater runs at 4500 watts. In an electric circuit of 240 volts, 4500 watts is equivalent to 18.75 amps.

Can you change a water heater element without draining the tank?

It is possible to change your water heater’s heating element without draining your tank.

What size breaker do I need for a 3500 watt water heater?

-> The 3500 watt element is shown using a minimum 20 amp rated circuit (#12 AWG copper shown) for a 240 volt circuit with a 20 amp overcurrent device (breaker).

What size breaker do I need for a 40 gallon electric water heater?

Your average residential 30 or 40 gallon water heater is 4500 watts and usually goes on a 30 A breaker.

What size breaker do I need for a 3800 watt water heater?

The wiring requirements are less stringent for 3800 watt elements than for 4500 watt elements. A 4500-watt element requires 10/2 wire and a 30 amp (220volt) breaker. The 3800 can be wired with 12/2 wire and a 20 amp breaker.

How many amps does hot water heater use?

18.8 ampsMost electric hot water heaters are designed for 240 VAC. The de facto standard size heating element is 4,500 watts, which corresponds to 18.8 amps and 12.8 ohms. Although most electric hot water heaters have both an upper and lower heating element, they are usually wired for non-simultaneous operation.

What size breaker do I need for a 240 volt water heater?

Electric water heaters require a 240-volt dedicated circuit, which serves only the water heater and no other appliances or devices. The circuit wiring typically includes a 30-amp double-pole breaker and 10-2 non-metallic (NM) or MC cable.

How many amps is 5500 watts?

20 ampsSo, 5500 watts / 220 volts X 0.80 = 20 amps.