Question: What Does Baby Cat Lol Look Like?

What does Pranksta look like?

Pranksta has Caucasian skin with pink lipstick and blushed cheeks.

Her eyes are turquoise, and she has frizzy hair that sticks up, divided into three colors.

The right is pink, the left light blue, and her bangs are light purple.

She wears a large white bow on her head..

What are the names of LOL dolls?

Series 1 LOL Tots (Big Sisters)LOL DollDescriptionDivaMotto: “Born this way!” Club: Glee Rarity: FancyM.C. SwagMotto: “Straight outta daycare” Club: Glee Rarity: PopularMerbabyMotto: “I’d rather be swimming” Club: Theater Rarity: PopularBaby CatMotto: “Check meowt” Club: Theater Rarity: Popular20 more rows•Dec 6, 2017

What does Bon Bon the LOL look like?

Bon Bon has tanned skin and violet lipstick. Her blush is a faint pink and she has sky blue eyes. She has pastel blue, pink, and yellow hair worn in braided buns with her spiked bangs mostly brushed to the side. She wears lilac glasses and has electric pink eyebrows.

What does rocker The LOL doll look like?

This is Rocker, she is from the glee club. She has black and pink side shaved hair and baby blue eyes. She is wearing an ABCD shirt, a flannel around her waist, a black jacket, shorts, and black boots.