Question: What Does Drival Mean?

How do you use the word epitome?

Epitome sentence examplesThe fashions presented were the epitome of the style of the 1930s.

The hotel was the epitome of British colonial elegance in Jamaica.

His lifestyle was the epitome of unsustainable living.

The epitome of feminine beauty might become the rotund figure on which the momma appears to pride herself.More items….

What does gobbledygook mean?

: wordy and generally unintelligible jargon.

Is balderdash a bad word?

Notes: Balderdash is one of those creative words in English with no family and a shady past (see Word History). This word has been used, as is, for a verb meaning to create a bad drink or adulterate an otherwise good drink, as to balderdash the punch with homemade wine.

What does balderdash mean in modern English?

senseless talkPronounced /ˈbɔːldədæʃ/ The standard dictionary definition — senseless talk or writing; nonsense — may seem anodyne, lacking the fire and passion that so often comes attached to the word. It’s often reserved for circumstances in which common-or-garden invective would be thought inadequate.

What is another word for Epitome?

SYNONYMS FOR epitome 1 embodiment, exemplification, model, typification, quintessence.

What is the definition of evasive?

: tending or intended to evade : equivocal evasive answers.

What does balderdash mean?

noun. senseless, stupid, or exaggerated talk or writing; nonsense. Obsolete. a muddled mixture of liquors.

What is Claptraps real name?

Claptrap P. ClaptrappingtonClaptrap is the only robot of its kind that has been designated with an actual name, Claptrap P. Claptrappington.

What does hogwash mean?

1 : swill sense 2a, slop. 2 : nonsense, balderdash.

Is balderdash a real word?

Unlike hogwash or, for example, flapdoodle, the noun balderdash is a word of “uncertain” (some authorities even say of “unknown”) origin. … According to it, the English noun goes back to Hebrew Bal, allegedly contracted from Babel, and dabar.

What does epitome of perfection mean?

“The epitome of perfection” means something that is so perfect that it is the best possible example of perfection and represents perfection itself.

How do you use drivel in a sentence?

Drivel sentence examplesThen again, I could just be talking drivel. … There is no way I’d waste time watching this drivel. … Keep in mind that one person’s romance may be another person’s drivel, and one person’s passion may seem like a perversion to someone else.More items…

What does claptrap mean?

showy, cheap talkUse the word claptrap when you’re talking about overblown nonsense. … The word comes from the idea of “a trick to ‘catch’ applause,” and its meaning evolved to mean “showy, cheap talk” and also, to some degree, “nonsense.”

What does epitome mean?

1 : a typical or ideal example : embodiment the British monarchy itself is the epitome of tradition— Richard Joseph. 2a : a summary of a written work. b : a brief presentation or statement of something.

What does epitome of life mean?

Epitome is defined as a person or object that is defined as a perfect example of something. … A person or thing that shows all the typical qualities of something.