Question: Who Has The Worst Wonderlic Score?

What was Tom Brady’s Wonderlic score?

Tom Brady.

Widely considered one of the NFL’s smartest quarterbacks, Tom Brady unsurprisingly impressed on the Wonderlic.

His 33 is well above the average QB score (24) and shows just how smart he is.

Clearly, Brady’s score shows up on the field..

Is 29 a good Wonderlic score?

Wonderlic Test Scores Range(Low, Average, Good, High) A person who scores 10 is considered illiterate. A Wonderlic score between 10-20 is a poor score but it doesn’t mean that the person is not suited for any job. … For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, a score of 31/50 is the average Wonderlic score.

What was Dak Prescott’s Wonderlic score?

Through the years, Cowboys have had some impressive Wonderlic scores. Ezekiel Elliott scored a 32. Tony Romo scored a 37, Travis Frederick 34 and Byron Jones 33. Others: Randy Gregory 28, Zack Martin 27, Dak Prescott 25, and DeMarcus Lawrence 20.

What was Peyton Manning’s Wonderlic score?

Johnny Manziel scored better on his Wonderlic test (32) than John Elway (29), Peyton Manning (28), Drew Brees (28) & Brett Favre (22).

What did Russell Wilson score on the Wonderlic test?

28Russell Wilson’s Wonderlic score of 28 was better than all but two of the quarterbacks picked before him, trailing only Luck’s 37 and Ryan Tannehill’s 34.

Who has the highest Wonderlic score ever?

Kevin Curtis48: Kevin Curtis, wide receiver He holds the record for highest Wonderlic score among wide receivers who have taken the test. Curtis finished his eight-year career with 258 catches, clocking in at 3,297 yards and 20 touchdowns.

What did Cam Newton score on the Wonderlic test?

Cam Newton’s Wonderlic score was 21, right around the average of all NFL players and five below the quarterback average of 26. Aside from Locker’s score of 20, all other players scored well above average. Gabbert scored an impressive 42, followed by Kaepernick’s 37 and Ponder’s 35.

What is the easiest football position?

ReceiverReceiver: 1 The easiest position on offense may be the receiver. He has limited responsibility and most plays may have nothing to do with him at all.

Is 27 a good Wonderlic score?

Wonderlic Score Report In this specific example, the minimum score required for hiring the candidate is 27 (in the green zone). Scoring 24 to 26 puts the candidate in a “cautionary” zone (yellow), and scoring 23 and below is in the ‘not recommended’ zone (red).

What is Tom Brady’s IQ?

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. (Tom Brady) IQ Score: 150 | Celebrity IQs.