Question: Who Is The Best Friend Of Virat Kohli?

Are Kohli and Rohit friends?

Once known for their friendship Indian cricketers Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are now facing an alleged rift in their bond.

The differences between Kohli and Sharma had been simmering for a long time, but it did not show up until the recent World Cup..

Who is the best friend of Sachin Tendulkar?

Vinod KambliBatting great Sachin Tendulkar took to social media to lead wishes for his childhood friend, Vinod Kambli, who is celebrating his 47th birthday on Friday.

Who is better Dhoni or AB de Villiers?

Presently, MS Dhoni has 209 sixes in IPL so far, while South African’s AB de Villiers has 212 sixes to his name. … He has 104 wins, which makes him only captain to have 100 wins in IPL. Dhoni’s win pecentage 60.11% is the best by a captain with min. 50 matches in the IPL.

Is AB de Villiers coming back?

AB de Villiers, who announced his retirement from international cricket in 2018, had shown eagerness to return for South Africa’s T20 World Cup campaign, but with the tournament now postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, doubts have resurfaced about the former South Africa captain’s return.

Who is the best friend of AB de Villiers?

Virat KohliApart from being one of the best batsmen of the current generation, Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers are also close friends. The duo ever since brought together by Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL, have relished each other’s company.

What Vinod Kambli is doing now?

Kambli is currently a coach at the MCA Academy in Mumbai and TMGA Camps run by Sachin Tendulkar and Middlesex County Cricket Club.

Who is Vinod Kambli wife?

Andrea HewittVinod Kambli/Wife

Who has more fans Virat or Rohit?

Virat has received a lot of love and support from his fans. He has got over 73.9 million fans on Instagram, and 37.2 million followers on Twitter. … Rohit Sharma has also got a huge fan base all across the world. He has over 14.9 million followers on Instagram and 17 million followers on Twitter.

Is Rohit Sharma is vegetarian?

Big foodie Rohit is a vegetarian, who likes to eat a lot of eggs.

Is AB de Villiers the best?

De Villiers is the best South African international batsman in ODI’s and in the top three in T20s. His pedigree is not in dispute and neither is his desire to once again be a part of South Africa’s international squad in T20s. … De Villiers is one of a handful of batsmen, who boasts a Test and ODI average of 50-plus.

Who is best friend of Rohit Sharma?

Yuzvendra ChahalYuzvendra Chahal and Rohit Sharma are close friends. They are often seen together on overseas tours and their chemistry is known among the cricket circles.

What happened Vinod Kambli?

He last played for India in 2000. Former India Test batsman Vinod Kambli – known for his pugnacious batting as much as his flamboyant lifestyle – suffered a heart attack on Friday (September 29). … Kambli, who had undergone angioplasty on two of his blocked arteries in July 2012, had last played ODIs for India in 2000.

Is AB de Villiers the best batsman in the world?

Celebrating the 13th anniversary of the IPL, South Africa superstar AB de Villiers, was declared the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) among batsmen in the history of the tournament by the jury of Star Sports on its flagship show Cricket Connected.

Who is better Rohit and Virat?

Virat Kohli has better records in test matches than Rohit Sharma. Kohli has scored 7 double centuries while Rohit could manage to score just one double century in test matches. 3. In terms of T20I matches also Virat Kohli is in a better position because Virat has played just 77, T20I matches and scored 2689 runs.

Who is better batsman Kohli or Rohit?

Rohit Sharma has accumulated 1459 runs in 27 matches he played in the ICC ODI tournaments at a phenomenal average of 60.79 and a strike rate of 91.07. On the other hand, Virat Kohli has scored a 100 runs more than Rohit — 1559 runs at an average of 55.67 — however, he has played 12 more matches than Rohit.