Question: Who Owns Delsey?

What’s better Delsey or Samsonite?

Because of bulk, the Samsonite Winfield 2 wins for storage as well.

The main draw of the Delsey Helium Aero, as mentioned, is its side handle.

So if portability is a big concern and getting a suitcase up into an overhead bin, for example, is a challenge, the Delsey will make your life a bit easier..

Which brand of luggage is the most durable?

The 9 Most Durable Luggage BrandsPelican. Credit: Pelican. … Briggs & Riley. Credit: Briggs & Riley. … Samsonite. Credit: Samsonite. … Delsey. Credit: Delsey. … Travelpro. Credit: Travelpro. … Victorinox. Credit: Victorinox. … American Tourister. Credit: American Tourister. … Tumi. Credit: Tumi. If you are a pure business traveler, then Tumi has what you are looking for.More items…•

Where are Delsey suitcases made?

Tremblay-en-FranceDelsey (French pronunciation: ​[delsɛː]) is a French company which manufactures luggage and travel accessories. It is based in Tremblay-en-France, in the Paris suburbs. Delsey employs 400 staff, and has a turnover of about 130 million euro.

What is the difference between Delsey Helium Aero and titanium?

Additionally, both of these also have pockets in the main packing compartment, and tie-down straps in the bottom compartment. They differ when it comes to the divider; the Titanium has a zippered divider, and the Aero has a divider that is secured with hooks. This one is up to you, depending on your preference.

Is Delsey a good brand?

The Delsey Helium Aero Hardside Spinner is a great choice for a suitcase. It has almost all the features you could want and is made of quality materials that should last you for years.

What is Delsey luggage made of?

Delsey’s Hyperglide suitcase collection is made from polyester. It is a durable material, but not really as sturdy as nylon.

Which Delsey suitcase is the best?

The Best Delsey LuggageDelsey Helium Aero 29″ Expandable Spinner Trolley.Montrouge 25″ Expandable Spinner Upright.Turenne 25″ Spinner.Delsey Paris Chatelet Soft Air Weekender Travel Duffel Bag.

Is Delsey luggage waterproof?

Spacious, secure and waterproof, the Delsey Moncey 76cm Large Suitcase is ideal for those needing something tougher than average. … The interior of the case if fully lined and the double spinner wheels and easy to grab handles make this suitcase a pleasure to use.

How do you pronounce Delsey?

Delsey – Delsey (French pronunciation: ​[delsɛː]) is a French company which manufactures luggage and travel accessories.

Is Delsey luggage made in China?

Delsey luggage is designed in France but manufactured in China (as with most products these days!).

Which is better Delsey or American Tourister?

Product Quality & Warranty. Generally, it’s hard to go wrong whether you pick a suitcase that is made by American Tourister, Samsonite, or Delsey. That said, American Tourister is towards the lower end of the market whereas Samsonite and Delsey are slightly “better” brands.