Question: Will They Make A NCAA Football Game Again?

Will EA Sports make NCAA football again?

EA Sports, however, would be wise not to rush the game to market.

The most reasonable expectation should be for an “NCAA Football 23” to release in July 2022.

Landing then would allow for the company to capitalize on a sweet spot in the new generation of consoles, which will come out late 2020..

Is NCAA 20 coming out?

The new NCAA rules will not take effect until 2021, and EA probably do not have the time and licenses to make a good game for release in summer 2020 even if they were allowed. However, what it does mean is we could see the return of the franchise for the 2021 season.

Will there be a college football game for ps4?

That being said, iMackulate Vision Gaming LLC and Big Ant Studios is developing Gridiron Champions, which is supposed to release on PC, PS4, and XB1 sometime in 2020. According to its website, the game will allow players to “feel the unique traditions, atmosphere, and pageantry” of college football.

Is EA working on NCAA football?

The NCAA itself ended its agreements with EA Sports, necessitating the College Football 15 working title. The Big Ten Conference pulled its license from the next game, and then a major Division 1-A school, widely believed to be Ohio State, dropped out.