Quick Answer: How Can I Buy UC In PUBG Mobile Using Load?

How do you gift an item to a friend in PUBG?

How to gift clothes in PUBG Mobile?To gift clothes in PUBG Mobile, select the gift icon that is to the left of the purchase button (when you go to buy the item).Then, select the time limit of the item.Now, choose the friend you want to gift which is to the right of the screen.More items…•.

Where can I buy UC for PUBG?

How to buy UCIn-game purchase (via Google Play Store) As the default method, players can buy UC in-game via the Play Store and use their Google Play balance, Credit/Debit card and Netbanking among other options to pay for it. … Midasbuy. Players can also buy UC via Midasbuy, which is slightly cheaper than buying in-game.

Is pochinki real?

Real-Life Counterpart In real life, Pochinki is a small village in the Mordovia region in Russia. It’s about 200 km (124 miles) west of Ulyanovsk and 700 km (435 miles) east of Moscow.

How do I send a royal pass to PUBG?

How do I give a Royale pass to my friend as a gift?Receive a Royale pass ‘Request’ email from one of your friends. … Select ▲ button on the bottom right of your lobby.Select the ‘Mail’ button.Check the ‘Request’ menu from the Gift center.Select the ‘View’ button on the friend you wish to send the gift to.After reading the important notes, select the ‘Give’ button.

How can I buy PUBG UC in Iran?

Via Google Play Store Or App Store The game will let you do the purchase via the Google Play Store for App Store. If you use Android devices to play PUBG Mobile, you will do the purchase via Google Play Store. Meanwhile, the iOS users will buy UC via the App Store. It’s open for PUBG Mobile players all over the world.

How do I recharge my UC in PUBG mobile?

HOW TO RELOAD UNKNOWN CASH (UC) WITH A RAZER GOLD PIN (USD)Purchase a Razer Gold PIN (USD) presented below.Visit PUBG MOBILE webshop (selected country must be “Others”)Enter your Player ID or login with Facebook.Select Razer Gold PIN as your payment method and click on Next.More items…

Is it possible to gift UC in PUBG mobile?

You Can’t transfer UC in Pubg Mobile. Moreover, you can gift Some items, Like shirts etc to your friends. Originally Answered: Can anyone send me UC in PUBG Mobile? No , UC cash cannot be transferred from one account to another.

Does UC in PUBG expire?

You have to buy it again next season . But if you reach level 100 this season you can get 600 UC back and buy it again next season for free.

How do I top up PUBG?

Step 1: They can open PUBG Mobile and click on the UC icon on the top of the screen. Step 2: Various top-ups will appear on the screen. Step 3: The user can choose the desired top-up and select the mode of payment.

Is PUBG KR version safe?

Don’t Play Korean Pubg Version || Kr version is not safe for our Privacy – YouTube.

How can I buy PUBG KR UC in Pakistan?

How to buy UC in PUBG Korean (KR) version in PakistanPlease select and buy your PUBG Mobile Korean/Japanese UC.After ordering, Proceed with the Payment.Then send your Korean PUBG Mobile Login & Password via WhatsApp to 03133500360.We will log in & recharge Pubg Mobile Uc to your given Pubg Mobile account.

Is AKM better than m416?

Conclusion. The AKM has better stats for power rating, range and stability, but it loses big time when you compare the firing rate with the M416. The M416 can deal more damage per second, but it will require an extra bullet if you are facing an enemy with Level 2 armour.

Can you earn UC in PUBG mobile?

PUBG Mobile has been able to attract a lot of mobile gamers who are now spending hours, playing the game. Every player wants to have cooler skins for their character and their guns. … India Bonus Challenge is one such way, through which players can earn in-game UC.

Which country has the cheapest PUBG UC?

Brazil. UC is the most affordable in Brazil, where players can purchase 63 UC, including the three bonus UC, for 3.9 Brazilian Real — which roughly equates to 54 INR. The royal pass costs only 530 INR. PUBG Mobile players there can purchase 8400 UC, including 2400 bonus UC, for 5300 INR.

Can we hack PUBG UC?

PUBG Unlimited UC Hack Methods :- There are no such any hack which can provide unlimited uc in your account but there are different hackers who can buy uc for free by using some different method but they will not share it for free they sell those uc in cheap rate to different people.

Can we convert BP to UC in PUBG?

Providing players with the ability to convert BP to UC will allow players to purchase gun skins and outfits in PUBG Mobile. … Tencent Games is soon expected to release PUBG Mobile 0.11. 1 update, which according to Mr Ghost Gaming, will bring the ability for players to convert BP (Battle Points) to UC (Unknown Cash).

How can I buy 10 UC in PUBG?

How to buy PUBG Mobile UC cash through PaytmHead over to http://pubgmobile.com/pay/. … Give the credentials by either logging in via Facebook (if your PUBG Mobile account is linked to Facebook) or by entering your player ID. … The system should now automatically recognise you by your nickname.More items…•

What is the cost of 180 UC in PUBG?

However, most of the game’s exclusive items can only be obtained via in-game currency, known as cash or UC. 60 UC costs approximately 79 INR, whereas 180 UC will cost INR 249 and so on.

How much is PUBG UC?

#1 In-game purchase (via Google Play Store) Players can buy UC in-game via the Play Store, which is the default method to do so. They have to spend INR 79 to get 60 UC, INR 249 for 190 UC, including ten bonus UC, and so on. Players can pay via Google Play balance, Credit/Debit card and Netbanking among other options.

How do I sell PUBG UC?

Head up to the PUBG Mobile page and select “Sell PUBG Mobile Account Today.” Specify the account details, what you want to sell, and choose the option to put it up for sale. It is suggested that you set affordable prices to attract the buyers.

How can I buy UC PUBG mobile using load?

How to Buy UC in PUBG Mobile Using Smart or Globe LoadVisit wallet-codes.com and make sure you change the country at the bottom left of the page to the Philippines’ flag to see the products sold by Wallet Codes Philippines.Select PUBG Mobile and browse through our available UC offerings.Choose the denomination and the mobile service provider you prefer.More items…•

Is Midasbuy safe for PUBG?

Yes, It’s absolutely safe and certified by PUBG MOBILE.

How can I get UC in PUBG after ban?

Via Google PlaystoreOpen the Pubg Mobile App to login to your account.On the right side of the screen click on the UC icon.Select the amount of UC you want to buy.On the Google Play Store select the mode of payment.Once the payment is done in game currency will be credited.

How can I buy UC in PUBG Korean?

Follow the steps below to buy UC in PUBG Mobile Korean version:#1 Open PUBG Mobile KR version and log in to your account.#2 Click on the UC icon located on the right side of the screen.#3 Choose the desired UC amount and complete the payment via card. ( … #4 Wait for a few seconds until the transaction completes.More items…•

How much does 1000 UC cost in PUBG?

420, 600 UC is Rs. 799, 1500 UC is Rs. 1,949, 3,000 UC is Rs. 3,999, and 6000 UC is Rs.