Quick Answer: Is Alcohol Served On Saudi Arabian Airlines?

Does Pakistan Airlines serve alcohol?

Pakistan International Airlines Similar to the previous two airlines, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) does not serve alcohol on board or even allow its passengers to consume it due to the Islamic Law (Shariah).

However, passengers are allowed to carry along their own liquors..

Do they serve alcohol on Gulf Air?

Gulf Air isn’t a dry airline on longhaul flights — they do have alcohol, though they don’t have a wine list.

Why is alcohol served on airlines?

In general, reduced service decreases contact between the crew and passengers and also the amount of time that passengers have their face masks off. With the elimination of alcohol on board, it also increases the chances of an orderly flight — especially with new rules in place.

Which international airlines do not serve alcohol?

Some of the airlines that do not serve alcohol on their flights include Saudia, Egyptair, Royal Brunei, Kuwait Airways, Pakistan International Airlines, Air Arabia, Jazeera Airways and Iraqi Airways.