Quick Answer: What Are The Benefits Of Sameness In The Giver?

Why did the community go to sameness in the giver?

The people chose Sameness in order to control everything in their environment and their citizens, to prevent anyone from feeling discomfort.

At first, Jonas does not see anything unusual about Sameness..

How does Jonas feel about sameness?

What is Jonas’ opinion on Sameness? Jonas thinks the community should not have given up color for sameness (Lowry 91). Jonas also thinks if people were given choices they could make bad ones (Lowry 93). Sameness is safer.

What are the risks of Jonas community?

The inability to choose one’s true love for a spouse; the inability to choose one’s profession freely; the inability to come and go freely; and the inability to speak one’s mind freely are just a few of the drawbacks of Jonas’s world. The most salient effect of the community of Jonas is the dehumanizing of the people.

What lesson does the giver teach?

One of the most important themes in The Giver is the significance of memory to human life. Lowry was inspired to write The Giver after a visit to her aging father, who had lost most of his long-term memory.

What are some advantages of sameness in the giver?

sameness is good because it keeps people out of danger like how the giver said it would and they would never experience pain or hunger or even thirst. Examples: As the Giver showed Jonas a memory of pain..”Jonas’s arms immobilized with pain…”

What are the advantages and disadvantages of sameness in the giver?

Having Sameness is more of a disadvantage than because no one would have the freedom of choice and life is going to be dull for them. When everything is the same within the community, Sameness is more of a disadvantage than an advantage because no one would have freedom of choice.

What is sameness concept?

1 : the quality or state of being the same : identity, similarity. 2 : monotony, uniformity.

What did Jonas Community gain?

Although he loses certainty, community, and the illusion of a harmonious life, he gains the life of his brother (who was scheduled to be killed), his freedom, the ability to stop being hypocritical, and authenticity.

What does sameness mean in the giver?

Sameness means exactly what it sounds like. In The Giver sameness is the idea that everything must be the same and that people should not be different from one another. It’s when things are not the same that creates problems. For example, the people in Jonas’ world realized that unpredictable weather caused problems.

How important is sameness in Jonas’s community?

Sameness in The Giver is a means of controlling the people in a few ways. It is human to want to acquire more than you have, and if there are no choices of things to acquire, the temptation should at least theoretically be removed. People who have no reason to strive are far easier to control than those who do strive.

In what ways is sameness a good policy for the community?

Conformity, predictability, and compliance are hallmarks of Sameness, which create a stable, comfortable, safe environment for each citizen. Despite the stability and absence of pain and unpredictability in citizens’ lives, individual freedoms are compromised.

What is the purpose of sameness?

“Sameness” is the name given to the ideology practiced by the leaders of Jonas’s community in its desire to create a utopian society. The principle essentially involves a system of covert oppression in which citizens are indoctrinated into believing that they are all the same and, therefore, equal.