Quick Answer: What Record Did LeBron Break?

Will LeBron pass Malone?

LeBron James just passed Karl Malone for No.

2 on the NBA’s all-time scoring list — counting regular season and playoff games..

When did LeBron pass Kobe Bryant?

NOV 30NOV 30. He reached the milestone with a driving layup in the third quarter of the Lakers’ game against the Sixers, passing Bryant’s 33,643 career points. James was congratulated by PA announcer Matt Cord for his achievement.

Can LeBron break Kareem’s record?

James is 4,732 points short of Abdul-Jabbar’s total. Since being drafted in 2003, James has averaged roughly 2,000 points per season, which means 2 1/2 seasons of typical LeBron would push him ahead of Kareem. … If he drops to 20 points per game, he could reach Abdul-Jabbar in three-plus seasons.

What record did Kobe Bryant break?

Bryant hit an incredible 81 points in a single game against the Toronto Raptors in January of 2006 — 10 more than anyone had ever scored before. The Lakers coach at the time, Phil Jackson, said after according to the NBA’s official website: “I’ve seen some remarkable games, but I’ve never seen one like that before.”

Is Kareem better than LeBron?

Kareem was more successful than LeBron when it mattered most, the NBA Finals. Kareem was also better in the regular season. He was much better at the beginning of his career. … LeBron can certainly leap Kareem for second all-time by the time his career is over, but he’s not there yet.

Did Kobe Bryant break any of Michael Jordan’s records?

Kobe Bryant broke Michael Jordan’s record for most career points in NBA All-Star Game history with a transition dunk in the 2012 edition on Sunday in Orlando. … Jordan scored 262 points in 14 career All-Star Games.

What record did LeBron James break?

Lakers star LeBron James breaks Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Finals record for 4th-most rebounds.

What has LeBron said about Kobe?

Yet James, as he has done numerous times in his career, is deferring to Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. … He didn’t take long to think about it, either. ”I’d give it to Kobe,” James said. ”What he’s done this whole year, to carry that team to the No.

Can LeBron win 6 rings?

No matter how many rings LeBron wins, whether it’s one or six, they won’t ultimately matter unless he’s the most dominant player on the court for the NBA Finals series when those rings are won.

Who was Kobe Bryant’s wife?

Vanessa Bryantm. 2001–2020Kobe Bryant/Wife

Who was the youngest NBA player ever?

Andrew BynumThe youngest player ever to play in the NBA was Andrew Bynum, who played his first game only six days after his 18th birthday. The oldest active player is Brooklyn Nets shooting guard Jamal Crawford, who is currently 40 years old.

How many records has LeBron broke?

Only player in NBA history to record at least 34,000 points, 9,000 rebounds, and 9,000 assists. Only player in NBA history to post at least 2,000 points, 500 rebounds, 500 assists, and 100 steals in four consecutive seasons.

How many points is LeBron behind Kobe?

65 pointsLeBron James is just 65 points behind Kobe Bryant on the all-time NBA scoring list, but Bryant apparently isn’t bothered by the prospect of being passed.

When did Kobe pass MJ?

Dec. 14, 2014On Dec. 14, 2014, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant scored 26 to points in a 100-94 win over the Minnesota Timberwolves to surpass Michael Jordan on the NBA all-time scoring list.

Did LeBron James break Kobe’s record?

LeBron James Just Broke a Record He Shared with NBA Legends Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers during Round 1, Game 4 of the NBA Playoffs on August 22, 2020. LeBron James is once again leaving his mark on NBA history.