Quick Answer: Why Did Pepe Leave Real Madrid?

Why did Madrid sell Pepe?

Pepe said that Madrid had not protected him amid accusations of tax evasion; admitted that, unusually among the squad, he had connected better with Rafa Benítez than with Zidane; and expressed his disappointment that no one from the board had called him after he had cracked his ribs against Atlético Madrid on 8 April..

Is Pepe Brazilian or Portuguese?

Pepe was born in Brazil but has never represented his country of birth, gaining Portuguese citizenship in 2007 and going on to represent Portugal 59 times.

Is Pepe a good defender?

Yes. Best defender is definitely Pepe. Best attacker out of them is Ramos. When Ramos stops making stupid mistakes then he is easily the better defender, although Pepe has been a beast as of late.

What country is Pepe from?


How much is Nicolas Pepe salary?

Arsenal are closing in on the permanent signing of Nicolas Pepe from Lille after both clubs agreed on a £72 million transfer fee. According to Express Sport, the Ivory Coast will sign a five-year deal with the Gunners which comes with weekly earnings of £105,000.

Which club is Nicolas Pepe?

Arsenal F.C.Nicolas Pépé/Current teamsNicolas Pépé (born 29 May 1995) is a professional footballer who plays as a winger for Premier League club Arsenal and the Ivory Coast national team.

Who is the best defender in soccer?

What follows, then, is a ranked list of those who I believe to be the 20 best central defenders in world football.Thiago Silva (PSG)Mats Hummels (Borussia Dortmund) … Vincent Kompany (Manchester City) … Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus) … Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid) … Dante (Bayern Munich) … Jan Vertonghen (Tottenham) … More items…

What happened to Pepe from Real Madrid?

Veteran defender Pepe has said he will leave Real Madrid on a free transfer this summer after 10 years at the club. The 34-year-old Portuguese has made 334 appearances while helping Real to three La Liga titles and three Champions League crowns, but it appears his spell in the Spanish capital is coming to a muted end.

Is Pepe retired?

On 8 January 2019, Pepe returned to Porto after over a decade, on a 2​1⁄2-year contract. On 15 January 2019, he played his first game for Porto since 2007 in the 2018–19 Taça de Portugal quarter-finals, winning 1–2 against Leixões.

How old is Pepe from Portugal?

37 years (February 26, 1983)Pepe/Age

When did Pepe leave Real Madrid?

The 34 year-old has made just 12 LaLiga appearances this season, his normal significance on the team declining. His contract expired at the end of the 2016/17 campaign, and despite a willingness to sign a new two-year deal, the club have decided to let him go.

How much is Pepe worth?

Despite his underwhelming performances, Pepe has held his value relatively well. Per a recent investigation from the CIES Football Observatory, Pepe is valued at €73.1m, which is around £65m once converted.

How old is Nicolas Pepe?

25 years (May 29, 1995)Nicolas Pépé/Age