What Is Virat Kohli Salary?

What is the salary of Virat Kohli per month?

India team squad selected for the test match earn ($22,000) per player….Indian Cricketers Salaries 2020 (Central Contracts)INDIAN CRICKET PLAYERS SALARIES 2020 (CENTRAL CONTRACTS)PLAYERSVirat Kohli (C)TEST (FEES)Rs 15 LakhODI (FEES)Rs 6 LakhT20 (FEES)Rs 3 LakhYEARLY SALARYRs 7 Crore23 more columns•Dec 27, 2019.

What is the income of Virat Kohli?

Forbes caps the Virat Kohli salary at an estimated $1 million (₹7 crore) which he earns from his Grade A+ contract with the BCCI. The Virat Kohli salary also includes an additional $1 million, which he bags as prize money including awards like include awards like Man of the Match and Man of the Series.

What is the annual income of Virat Kohli in Indian rupees?

Virat Kohli is a part of the A+ pay grade in the Indian team. Which means, he takes home an annual salary of Rs 7 crores.

How rich is Rohit Sharma?

Rohit Sharma Net Worth is $20 million (Rs. 145 Crore INR) in 2021.

What is the salary of Rohit Sharma in IPL?

Rohit, who has captained the national side in the past and is also the captain of the most successful team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has an estimated net worth of around INR 130 crores. Rohit has an A+ Graded contract with the BCCI, receiving an annual salary of INR 7 crores.

What is MS Dhoni net worth?

MS Dhoni Net Worth 2021NameMS DhoniProfessionCricketerNet Worth in 2021$ 110 MillionNet Worth In Indian Rupees826 Crore INRIPL Salary$ 2 Million +5 more rows•6 days ago

What is the salary of jasprit Bumrah?

An Indian cricketer is paid INR 15 lakh, INR 6 lakh and INR 3 lakh for Tests, ODIs and T20Is, respectively. Both Bumrah and Kohli have Grade A+ contract and take home an annual salary of INR 7 crore through the BCCI annual contract.

Is Rohit Sharma sick?

Indian Premier League 2020: Rohit Sharma unwell after Mumbai Indians-Kings XI Punjab thriller, says Kieron Pollard. In what may come as a huge blow to Mumbai Indians fraternity, skipper Rohit Sharma has been feeling unwell after the nail-biter against Kings XI Punjab on Sunday (October 18).

Is Virat Kohli billionaire?

Virat Kohli is the highest paid Indian athlete and is ranked No-90 on the Forbes List. The Indian captain earns $3 million from his salary and matches and $19 million from endorsements.

Who is richer Virat or Anushka?

As per the report, the two have a combined net worth of more than Rs 1,200 crore. In 2019, Virat Kohli earned Rs 252.72 crores. His total net worth is reportedly around Rs 900 crores. On the other hand, Anushka Sharma earned Rs 28.67 crores in 2019.

Who is highest paid in IPL 2020?

Top 5 highest-paid players for IPL 2020Virat Kohli- Rs. 17 crores. Virat Kohli, who is also regarded as one of the best batsmen in the world, is the highest-paid player in IPL 2020. … Pat Cummins- Rs. 15.5 crores. … Mahendra Singh Dhoni- Rs. 15 crores. … Rohit Sharma- Rs. 15 crores. … David Warner- Rs. 12.5 crores.

Does Virat Kohli own a private jet?

Last year, Virat Kohli and wife Anushka Sharma were spotted alongside a private jet when Indian Cricket Team toured Australia and New Zealand. The private jet is estimated to be around ₹125 crores ($16 million). The model is a Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign Jet. …