Who Sponsors TSM?

What is TSM sponsored by?

Team SoloMid (TSM) is a professional esports organization based in the United States….Team SoloMid.Short nameTSMCEOAndy “Reginald” DinhPartnersGEICO Grubhub MTN Dew Game Fuel Logitech Twitch LenovoEarningsUS$5.64 millionWebsitetsm.gg6 more rows.

Who are all the TSM members?

Currently, TSM has rosters for Fortnite: Battle Royale, Hearthstone, LoL, PUBG, Vainglory, Clash Royale, H1ZI, Overwatch, and Super Smash Bros. Current TSM players include Leffen, Myth, Kripparian, Hauntzer, ZeRo, and Bjergsen.

Who created TSM?

Andy DinhDan DinhTeam SoloMid/Founders

How old is TSM sword?

OverviewSworddCountry of BirthUnited StatesBirthdaySeptember 18, 2002 (age 18)ResidencyNA North AmericaCompetitive13 more rows

Is TSM sponsored by Logitech?

North American-based gaming brand TSM has announced a three-year renewal of its partnership with Logitech G . … Logitech G sponsors other esports teams such as G2 Esports , ENCE , and the London Spitfire , and is also a partner of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and the Farming Simulator League.

Who is the CEO of TSM?

Andy Dinh (Sep 2009–)Team SoloMid/CEO

How much is TSM worth?

Topping the list: Los Angeles-based TSM (formerly Team SoloMid), with a value of $410 million.

What Mouse does Bjergsen use?

Logitech G900What mouse is Bjergsen using? Bjergsen uses the Logitech G900 with a DPI of 200 and in-game sensitivity 50.

Did TSM win?

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Summer playoffs have come to an end. After three long years, TSM have returned to the top of North America after a hard fought 3-2 win over FlyQuest.

Can TSM still make Worlds 2020?

G, LCS still winless in Worlds 2020 group stage. Gen. G put another nail into the LCS’s coffin by beating Team SoloMid in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship group stage.

Who won Worlds 2020?

South Korea’s DAMWON Gaming defeated China’s Suning 3-1 to claim the 2020 League of Legends World Championship on Saturday in front of 6,000 fans at the newly opened Pudong Stadium in Shanghai, China.

Is KatEvolved on TSM?

Is KatEvolved on TSM? Jackson “Evolved” Dohan, formerly known as KatEvolved, is no longer with TSM. Evolved proved himself as a promising young mid laner in the 2020 season with TSM and could potentially get a starting spot in the LCS at some point.

Is Dyrus still in TSM?

Dyrus was the top laner for Team SoloMid (TSM) for most of his professional League of Legends career. With TSM, he won several LCS titles and appeared at several World Championships. He retired from professional play after the 2015 World Championship.